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Gabriel Agency is an agency that specialize in:
- A&R, exclusive and additional management of bands, artists and projects
- project management, tour management, logistics, and other services for bands and labels
- consulting, pr, positioning and promotion of bands, artists and releases
- music production, including: mastering, mixing, recording and pre-production


Gabriel Management is a division of the Gabriel Media Group, an EU VAT registered company founded by Bart Gabriel (A&R executive, producer and manager). Gabriel Management started in 1997, and was previously known as Bart Gabriel's Hard Rocker Management and Dragonight Agency. In 2010 all of the separate activities got gathered under one name.

Since 1997, we had the pleasure to work with bands, artists, and members of bands such as: Attacker, Avenger, Cirith Ungol, Crystal Viper, Deceased, Halloween, Heavy Load, Jack Starr's Burning Starr, Jag Panzer, Juggernaut, King Diamond, Manowar, Metalucifer, Mortician, Mythra, Nunslaughter, October 31, Pagan Altar, Q5, Quartz, Riot, Running Wild, Sabaton, Sabbat, Sacred Steel, Saracen, Satan's Host, Savage Master, Titan Force, Twisted Tower Dire, Tygers Of Pan Tang, U.D.O., Vader, Virgin Steele, Vixen or X-Wild.

Except working with many promoters, venues and booking agents, we also worked with and booked our bands for festivals such as: Bang Your Head (Germany), Hammer Of Doom (Germany), Harder Than Steel (Germany), Keep It True (Germany), Magic Circle Festival (Germany), Metal Assault (Germany), Metal Magic Festival (Denmark), No Compromise Metal Fest (Belgium), Noc Plna Hvezd (Czech Republic), Ostrave W Plamenech (Czech Republic), Power Of The Night Festival (Cyprus), Sabaton Open Air (Sweden), Skulls Of Metal Festival (Spain), Steel Fest (Italy), Swordbrothers Festival (Germany), Up The Hammers Festival (Greece), and many others.


Markus Wosgien - head of promotion / A&R at Nuclear Blast Records - said: "Bart is living and breathing Heavy Metal, thatís why I love this crazy guy! He is supporting the underground and true metal scene since many, many years (...). Besides that Bart has a great knowledge and always a good feeling for new bands. I think we had our first contact due to our love to Stormwitch some time in the 90s, but it took ages till we met the first time, when I invited him for the listening session of the new Rhapsody Of Fire album. The metal scene need more guys like him! This is why our scene is so strong!"

Manolis Karazeris - organizer of the Up The Hammers Festival - said: "I know Bart Gabriel for many years as we started our journey into the magical world of heavy metal almost the same time. He is the kind of person that you can always count on his word, and believe me thatís a rare kind of breed nowadays. Bart is highly experienced to handle all kind of situations in the music industry and it is nice to have him around when problems occur. On the other hand he has an open door to some of the key persons in the business. All in all I rarely trust people to write a recommendation letter if that says anything."

Andy La Rocque - guitarist of King Diamond band, and owner of the Sonic Train Studios - said: "My assessment about Bart is that he is not afraid of putting down energy in projects, he is reliable, works fast and gets the job done!"

Patrick Elkins - founder of the Satan's Host band - said: "Working with Bart Gabriel was a great experience. He has as much passion about the music as the band. We our proud to work with him and will continue to forge further into the future together!"

David DeFeis - founder of the Virgin Steele band - said: "It is with great pride, honor and enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation and support of Mr. Bart Gabriel. I have known and worked with Mr. Gabriel for over 5 years now, and I can attest to the fact that he is deeply passionate about all things concerning Music, Business, and the creative Arts & the creative process. His dedication to his work shines clearly through in all that he chooses to undertake. The Bart Gabriel that I know is determined, resourceful, creative and fiercely devoted to the choices he makes and the Projects he commits to. Bart carries the courage of his convictions, and has the tenacity and power of the will to see them through. In working with Bart, I have always found him to have an endless source of energy, enthusiasm, and an interesting alternative point of view."

Jack Starr - founder of the Burning Starr band and solo artist - said: "In the last few years of Bart Gabriel representing our band, all of us have found Bart to be professional and creative in his advice and very methodical in his planning. We can trust that when Bart tells us something will happen it does, and there are no surprises. The interesting thing is that Bart is not our official manager and yet he has done much more than some of our previous "official" managers so on behalf of Ned Meloni, Todd Micheal Hall, Rhino and myself who make up Jack Starr's Burning Starr we recommend Bart Gabriel not just for his expertise in the field of Heavy Metal but for his honest and professional career guidance."

Timo Hoffmann - head of promotion at AFM Records - said: "We've always enjoyed working with Bart Gabriel. He combines expert knowledge with passion and a very professional working attitude."

Steffen Boehm - ceo at High Roller Records - said: "I know Bart Gabriel as a very correct business partner, who always lives up to what he promises. He was always of help contacting bands and throughout all the LP projects we did, he kept the motor running and pushed the involved partners to exceed expactions. Bart always replied timely and the contact is, and always has been, very polite. It would be my pleasure to do future projects together with Bart, and I wish him good luck and success for his future."

Jens Borner - founder of the Lonewolf band - said: "Bart seems kinda like an extraterrestrial in the business. Dealing with some of the biggest names around, he will work in the same way and with the same passion with young and/or not so famous bands. All is for the passion of the music, and nothing else. This man breaths and eats music. Another important point is that he won't take hours to say that you might be wrong here or there, what can be very helpful for bands, which sometimes don't have honest external professional point of view to make them go one step further. It's a real pleasure working with him, as he's totally open minded, and has very good ideas to show bands the way. He's got the experience & the background to make things moving on."